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Our tubs electrics are safe and checked/replaced regularly. We provide a Residual Current Device (RCD) breaker as standard to keep you safe. Obviously electrical items should be kept away from water just as you would if you were in a bath, so no hair dryers or anything silly.

Yes. They are great in summer because of the sun on your face but we think they are even BETTER in winter! Because when it’s cold outside but you’re toasty and warm inside the hot tub, there’s no better feeling! We’ve even been in hot tubs when it has snowed and wow, what an experience! The colder it is outside, the more you appreciate being able to all warm and relaxed. We hire our hot tubs all year round.

Sorry. Our hire duration are specifically set up to give you as much time as possible but this is limited to the following factors, We can extend hire periods but not reduce them.

It takes up to 24 hours for the hot tub to get to 40 degrees and the initial chemical dose to settle down

Weekend hires are our most popular option with a set up on the Friday and collection on the following Monday. This gives you 2 days of use across Saturday & Sunday. Installing on Friday means that that hot tub is ready for a Saturday afternoon dip.

Mid Week hires are one of the most popular hires in the school holidays with a set up on the Monday and collection the following Friday. This gives you 3 days use of Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. We install Monday so the hot tub is ready for a Tuesday afternoon dip

The Weekly hire is our best value for money option with a set up on a Monday or Friday and collection on the following Monday or Friday. This gives you a 6 days use from the day after set up to collection. This means the hot tub is ready for the following afternoon.

If you want to use the hot tub on the day or morning after please let us know in advance and the initial chemical dose can be reduced. Also if you have access to a hot water tap this can be used to fill the hot tub to full.

NOTE : The hot tub must not be used with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius.

We don’t work on Sundays so the Monday is the earliest collection we offer.

Once setup, the tub must stay in this position for the duration of the hire.

No. Please don’t add anything to the water other than the chemicals provided. Otherwise, it may damage the hot tub or mess up your water and is against our terms and conditions.

We can put the hot tubs on patio, decking, grass or gravel as long as it’s relatively level and flat. The area also needs to be able to take the weight of the tub when full and have a local power supply and tap.

Yes. We will need to show you how to use the hot tub and show you what chemicals to add. It’s all really easy but you will need to be there.

We will add the chemicals (chlorine etc) to get you started. Then, each day, you simply test the water and add the chemicals that we explain in full when we deliver the tub. It’s really easy and we’ll leave you with full instructions. If you get stuck, we’re only a phone call away.

Yes. This will ensure an enjoyable, safe and healthy experience for all.

Yes. Every hot tub comes with a thermal cover to retain the heat when you’re not using it. Also helping reduce your electricity costs.

No.  All you need is a standard cold water tap and a 13 amp socket.

No, as part of the service we will pump out the water on collection. All we ask is you leave the pump connected and running when we collect so we can see it’s all working.

We will agree where to drain the water but in most cases draining to the ground is ideal and filters away naturally.

Our delivery covers a 10 mile radius of PO15 5SE.  We do go outside this area but fuel surcharge applies at £1 per mile.

Yes. This is to ensure the filters are doing their job and keeping the Spa as clean and clear as possible.

Please book online and check our availability pages to avoid disappointment.

We fill the hot tub using your cold water mains which is why we need to know if it is within 10m of the planned location of the Hot Tub.

In order to maintain a constant temperature, the hot tub needs to be connected to a 13 amp electricity supply and the cover should be kept on the tub when not in use.

It depends on the outside temperature but it usually takes 12-14 hours (in cold weather please allow 24). But we will aim to deliver the tub in plenty of time so that when your weekend starts, the tub is lovely and warm.

Setting up usually takes about 15 minutes and filling usually takes 1-2 hours depending on your water pressure and the size of tub you go for.

We have 3 different sizes which accommodate 2-4, Adults , 4-6 Adults and 6-8 Adults.

A £50 Deposit is taken at time of booking to secure your hire (This is part of your overall hire fee). On delivery we do take a £100 security deposit which is returned at the end of the hire in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

This £50 booking deposit forms part of the overall hire cost and can be paid online – we accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The £100 security deposit can be paid in case or by card on the day of delivery. This is fully refundable as long as no damage has been made to the hot tub (please see terms and conditions).

You will need a space of 2.7m x 2.7m.  If hiring a Gazebo you will need a space in excess of 3m x 3m.

Yes. You’d be surprised how many people do decide to buy the hot tub at the end of their hire period, because they just don’t want to give it back! Give us a call for the absolute best prices on NEW and EX-HIRE hot tubs.

We can take online payments via card or direct bank payment. Once the deposit is paid most of our customers pay cash on delivery but we take VISA, Mastercard and other mainstream credit and debit cards if you prefer.

In the event of heavy rain or strong winds outdoor hires will have to be cancelled.  In this situation, and this situation only, your deposit will be refunded in full.

You can cancel at any time prior to your booking slot, all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible. In all cases the deposit payments are non refundable in the event of cancellation (unless cancellation is due to severe weather) but can be used against another hire date in the future

The most popular temperature is between 36 to 38 degrees., but it can be run to a maximum of 40 degrees.